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For friends’ trips, family get-togethers, work trips, game days, church, school events, or traveling somewhere in a big group, bus rentals are the best option. Now you even have the option to travel with your bus rental in style. If you live in Miami city, you can rent a luxury bus and relax in the magic city on your way to your destination. 

Private charter bus rentals allow you to reach your destination safely while enjoying the ride with your friends, family, colleagues, and teammates. You do not need to worry about your safety because a professional bus driver will be operating the vehicle. We cannot think of a better way to spend a day out. Majestic Limos provide Miami luxury bus rental services in Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale. We offer an impressive range of luxury mini buses to choose from, with varying seat capacities. 

Travel in style by renting a luxury bus from Majestic Limos. Call us now to get a free quote.


5 Reasons Why Luxury Bus Is The Best Way To Travel In Miami

A charter bus is the best way to travel around Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and South Florida in general. If you are traveling in large groups, you will find the facilities on luxury vehicles, such as a charter bus for city tours, much more convenient. Here are some reasons to choose charter bus rental for Miami transportation for your group travel. 

Several amenities in your Miami charter bus rental

A charter bus can offer amenities no other form of transportation can in Miami, FL. If you are on your way to sports events or a wedding day, you will be impressed with what charter bus service offers. Many luxury buses feature comfortable leather seats, TV screens, plush reclining seats, free wifi, DVD players, power outlets, on-board restrooms, massive storage space, and air conditioning that would make your entire trip fun and luxurious. It is the best way to travel!

You could also ask for other amenities at an additional cost. Book your charter bus rental for your next trip now! Majestic Limos offers a wide range of luxury vehicles in the Miami area. You can also hire a professional driver for the trip and have the time of your life with your friends, family, teammates, and colleagues in the spacious seats of the party bus.

Experience a personalized trip in Miami, FL 

The best thing about traveling via Miami charter bus rentals is you have the option to personalize your experience by discussing the transportation logistics with the rental company. Rather than adhering to a fixed schedule, you can decide when you want to travel, where to travel, how many stops to make, how extended your stay would be, etc. You could make your own party bus itinerary with the help of the representative the rental company provides to you.

Round-trip service, or a one-way trip, you can discuss the entire itinerary with the representative and determine the specifics of the journey. Once the charter bus driver has been briefed on the journey plan, you can relax in the back seat without worrying about where you are going. You can be assured  your designated driver will drop you safely to your destination within the city limits in Miami.

Economic transportation option

If you are a large group traveling to the same Miami destination, it is more practical to travel in one vehicle rather than several cars. You will likely cut considerable costs on fuel, tolls, drivers, and insurance. Looking at the bigger picture, renting a luxury charter bus would cost you far less than driving individual cars. In addition, with the whole group in one bus, you could enjoy other’s company as well as food and drinks. This is something you would miss out on if you use personal transportation.

You will find renting a charter bus more economical and fun. Before you choose a luxury bus, it is necessary to do research and select the correct charter bus for you. Majestic Limos offers a range of luxury buses with varying seating capacities and other amenities.

Browse our entire fleet before choosing the transportation for your group trip in the city. Check our online reviews to see what past customers say about our vehicles and services. We are known for pristine vehicles and exceptional services. We also provide luxury rental services if you require a ride to and from Miami international Airport or require a wedding shuttle service.

Things To Consider Before Renting A Luxury Bus In Miami

If you decide to rent a luxury bus for ground transportation in South Beach, Miami, you need to consider a few things to select the correct bus. Here is your guide to renting a luxury bus for your next trip.

Bus route

Consider the route your bus would be traveling through, and be sure the road conditions and space can accommodate your bus rental size in Miami. Ensure the roads or your destination do not restrict the entry of any buses to avoid last-minute inconveniences.

Rendezvous point

Decide a rendezvous point and time for all the passengers ahead of time. If some passengers desire to be picked up individually from their homes, you need to inform the rental company ahead of the arrangement all the passengers have agreed on. The pre-planning allows the company to make the itinerary and avoid confusion about the trip. You could also save yourself money this way in Miami.


Decide and inform the company how many passengers would be on the bus. Additionally, take any special requirements of passengers into account when choosing the bus. If you have individuals with disabilities in your traveling party, choose a bus with accessibility features such as a wheelchair area.

Consider the seating capacity of the bus ahead of time as well, and inform the company of the exact number of people who would be traveling. Some buses prohibit passengers from eating or drinking inside the bus. Read the company’s policy regarding such things before renting a bus to avoid any disagreements and disappointments.

Driver experience

You obviously want someone who has considerable bus driving experience behind the wheel in Miami. We advise you to research the credentials of the assigned driver and ensure they have enough experience in driving large buses.

All major charter bus rental companies hire experienced drivers, but there is no harm in investigating the driver for your peace of mind. Especially if you are traveling with your family and would not choose to take any risks. Visit Miami without worrying about your safety.

Bus type

It is also important to consider the bus type. If you require an entertainment area equipped with a television and a sound system, be sure the bus you are considering has that facility.

Each luxury bus is different. It is important to research what to expect from specific bus types and choose the best one for your requirements. Majestic Limos offer well-equipped luxury buses in Miami.


Consider the budget before you rent a luxury bus service. The more you pay, the more luxurious your trip will be. However, even standard luxury buses are equipped with several amenities to make your trip amazing.

Compare the cost of different buses and quotes provided by different rental companies to gauge which options would suit your budget best.

Majestic Limousines In Miami

Majestic Limos is the solution to your luxury transportation needs in Miami and nearby cities. Our fleet flaunts a diverse range of luxury vehicles, from sedans, and limos, to mini-buses; you name it, we have it! Our customers love us for our clean and hygienic facilities and exceptional customer service.

You will find booking from our website very seamless. Reserve a luxury vehicle or bus for airport transfers, corporate events, weddings, night-outs, sporting events, and special events, and expect a brilliant experience! Choose from our assorted range of vehicles, including sleek black limos by speaking to our reservation specialists. Travel in absolute style by renting from Majestic Limos in Miami.

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